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Washout Tub - 3 CY

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What is a Concrete Washout Tub? Why do you NEED it?

Compliance with regulatory agencies. Concrete washout tubs are used for the simply purpose of cleaning out concrete trucks, tools, and other concrete equipment after a concrete pour is complete. Concrete washout tubs are known as a "Best Management Practice" or BMP. BMPs are required on all stormwater permits and require maintenance. The concrete washout tub is a reusable tool that makes BMP maintenance easy!

Since the tub can be moved, it can be moved to near where the pour is occurring, making it easier for truck drivers to find the washout location. Once it's full, it can be emptied once the concrete washout slurry is cured or it can be swapped with an empty tub. 

What are BMPs and why are they required?

Best management practices are the controls that are put in place to control stormwater discharge from a construction site. They are intended to control and reduce pollution into the nation's water supply. Many types of BMPs include erosion control methods, tracking pads, silt fence perimeters, and of course a dedicated concrete washout location. 

Per the United States Clean Water Act of 1972, it is illegal to discharge any polluted water into a navigable water supply. Almost all of the stormwater systems in the United States eventually discharge into a river, lake, or an ocean meaning it CANNOT be polluted. 

Maintenance of BMPs, including concrete washout locations, can be difficult. If done improperly, it can result in hefty EPA and state environmental fines. The concrete washout tub makes it easy to maintain, avoiding hefty fines. More and more federal projects are requiring the use of a pre-manufactured washout tub, exactly like the ones we sell. 

How To Use A Concrete Washout Tub:

First and foremost, always reference your project drawings and specifications to verify if there are any specific project requirements for the concrete washout tub. If you need to meet specific requirements, give us a call, we will help you comply. 

1. Identify a location that is easily accessible by a concrete truck to place the Washout Tub. Mark this location on your Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

2. After a concrete pour, direct concrete truck drivers to the washout location. The truck driver will washout their truck into the washout tub. 

3. Repeat the process until the tub is full. 

4. Once full wait for the concrete slurry in the tub to harden and cure. Turn the tub upside down to remove the hardened concrete. The hardened concrete can then be loaded into a dump truck and sent to a concrete recycling location. 

5. OR Utilized one of our tub lids to enclose the slurry and swap out the full tub for an empty one. The full one can be shipped to a concrete recycling center to be emptied. 

How will this Concrete Washout Tub SAVE me TIME AND MONEY?


This concrete washout tub will save you time and money by allowing for an easy BMP to maintain. BMPs require regular inspection and maintenance for compliance to the Storm Water Permit. The washout tub is easy, because it is contained in a water tight container that is designed to withstand the weight of the concrete and slurry. Once the project is done, it can be loaded on a truck and driven away. This tub makes it easy to avoid the costly EPA fines. 

How Else Can I Use This Concrete Washout Tub?


The concrete washout tub can also be used for containment under a concrete pumper truck's hopper to contain any spillage. It is also great for masons as it can be moved right where the work is occurring, making it easy to clean tools and equipment. Less walking on the site means a more efficient project. 

It can also be used as a secondary containment! What is that? It is another type of BMP required by Storm Water Permits. Secondary containments are generally required around items that contain fuel or oil. The purpose is to capture spillage in the event of a leak. Fuel tanks onsite require some form of secondary containment, and smaller tanks can be used with our tubs. Temporary building heaters commonly require secondary containments on site. Put them inside our washout tub and they are now contained. 

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