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All of our products focus on strength and affordability. We deliver products that last for a fraction of the cost, all made in the USA! How do we do it? We have a very efficient manufacturing process that allows us to save time, and purchase materials in bulk. The savings we receive from bulk purchasing are passed straight to you!


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Whether you need specialized service, shipping outside of the US, or just prefer to talk to real experienced people, we are available.

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We make our products for contractors. Why? Because we were contractors before we were manufacturers. We make our products because it is something that we have needed before. Our goal is to deliver products that are easy to use, last through multiple projects, and are cost effective.

About Bear Iron Works


Why reinvent the wheel? Our competitors make products that are just overcomplicated for the purpose they serve. All it does it raise production time and cost.

Our products are simple, durable, and cost effective. Because thats what they NEED to be. Our products provide a better return on investment than our competitors, and will outlast them.

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