If you are looking for high-quality concrete washout boxes, you have come to the right place. We are a leading manufacturer of custom-made concrete cleanout tubs that can handle any size of order. We make our concrete cleanout tubs in the USA, so they qualify for use on Federal Projects. We also have a dedicated team that can provide project submittals.

We design our concrete products to be portable, eco-friendly, and compliant with EPA regulations. These heavy-duty concrete wash boxes are easy to set up, store and dispose of after evaporation and job completion. We have the right products for contractors and companies that need concrete washout solutions.

Concrete Washout Tubs

Avoid Environmental Fines

Like it or not, environmental protection is becoming a target issue in the United States. Enforcement is getting stronger every day. Stormwater permits require the use of a concrete washout system as a best management practice. There are two options to satisfy this requirement: an easy to swap out concrete washout tub or a plastic lined concrete washout pit.

If you are lucky enough to have the site space for a concrete washout pit, you will find that without strict maintenance it quickly turns into an EPA violation. Concrete washout tubs make it easy! When combined with a lid, a concrete washout tub can be swapped out immediately after a concrete pour, while the washout water is still wet. Now that’s convenient!

Our washout containers are watertight, in sizes ranging from 1 CY to 3 CY. Once it's full, either let it cure and dump it out, or send it straight to the recycling plant!


How We Meet Industry Demand

Our facility focuses on efficiency. We make our products simple to handle big orders and meet the increasing demand in construction. We improved our washout containment system to be stronger and require less welding. Our cost-effective design allows us to make a strong product at a reasonable price.

Concrete Washout Tubs

Have an existing concrete washout service?

If you do, you know that not all concrete washout dumpsters are the same. While we would love for you to utilize our design of concrete washout containers, we know that you probably already have an inventory of tubs specific for your business. No worries, we have the capabilities to build concrete washout containers to your specifications. Give our team a call today and we can discuss how Bear Iron Works can meet your needs!


Did you know concrete pump trucks require washout tubs?

During a pour, it is required for concrete pump trucks to have a containment underneath the hopper of the pump truck. Per the EPA, no contaminated water can leave a jobsite. Any spill that occurs during the transfer of concrete between the concrete truck and the pump truck can contaminate the stormwater.

By utilizing a concrete washout container as a second containment, you can prevent unnecessary spill and save on cleanup time. Additionally, a concrete pump truck will need to washout as well. Make it convenient by utilizing a Bear Iron Works washout container with your pump truck today.

Concrete Washout Tubs

Concrete Washout Containment Made Easy

Our washout containers are forkable, pickable, and nestable. Since our concrete washout bins are stackable, they do not occupy a large amount of storage space. Our concrete washout tubs are easy to deliver and swap out on a job site when one gets full. You can use a forklift to move the concrete washout tub close to your pour.

Additionally, if your project requires submittals, we can provide test reports for all sizes of our concrete cleanout boxes.


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