At Bear Iron Works, we know what it's like to run a trenching operation, a demanding workflow that cannot afford any hiccups. That's why we've designed our bedding boxes (also known as stone boxes, stone bins, rock boxes, and stone boats) with the needs of contractors in mind.

Our focus is on durability and efficiency. That's why we cut away wasteful processes. Instead, we focus on reinforcing high stress points to create a product line that is tough, reliable, and cost-effective.

Material management is important on a trenching operation since it is a moving operation. Bedding material must be moved along the trench and all heavy civil contractors will agree, a bedding box is the most efficient way to accomplish that. Bedding boxes minimize material loss as the bedding material is contained. Operators have easy access to the bedding material anywhere along the trench, simply by grabbing the drag bar and pulling it alongside the trench.

Bedding Boxes


From 1 to 7 Cubic Yards to Meet Your Specific Requirements

Whether a small bedding box or heavy-duty bedding boxes, we've got you covered! We have bedding box sizes for mini excavators and full sizes. Our 1 cubic yard to 7 cubic yard bedding rock boxes for sale in our online store will meet the needs of the average contractor.

Of course, large heavy civil projects will require bedding boxes with a large yard capacity. If you need a larger size, please give us a call so you can speak with one of our experts. We will find a solution tailored towards your project needs and sized for your equipment.


Built to Last with High-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Our bedding box construction is designed to withstand aggressive use. We utilize thick plating to ensure that our boxes can handle the toughest jobs with ease. And we've reinforced the neck of the box, adding additional strength where it's needed most. Our boxes are also designed for easy maneuverability, with lift points that make them simple to move around the job site.

Bedding Boxes

At Bear Iron Works, we constantly improve our products. We also communicate with our customers to make sure that the product is meeting the need. Through the years, this has helped us improve our bedding box design. If a weak point is identified, we change the product to make it stronger!

As contractors ourselves, we know how bedding boxes are treated. When a bedding box is dragged along the trench while full of bedding material, it puts a lot of strain on the neck of the box. That’s why our boxes come standard with gusseted necks, fully welded reinforcement plating, and lateral bracing to deliver the strength needed.

We guarantee that our commercial bedding boxes will stand up to the challenges of construction! All items come with our standard product warranty.

Bedding Boxes

Transparent Pricing

Bear Iron Works cuts away unnecessary features and redundant techniques. That means we're able to pass on a cost savings to our customers.

Not only do we make our products as affordable as possible. Unlike our competitors, we never hide our prices. When you order online, you'll see plainly how much each product costs and how much it costs to ship. We won't leave you guessing.

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1 cubic yard bedding boxes ship free to the 48 continental United States. All others ship free within 1000 miles of Grand Junction, CO. Need it somewhere else? Give us a call so we can discuss how to help you!