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Bedding Box - 7 CY

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Excavator Bedding Box

Our 7 cubic yard bedding box is perfect for excavators. This Bedding Box is built using high-quality American Steel. It is built strong to last you. This bedding box also contains extra reinforcement around the neck and four D-rings for securing or picking the box. 

The main purpose of a bedding box is for use during trenching operations. The bedding box is meant to contain bedding sand that is utilized to bed utility pipe during installation. 

How To Use A Bedding Box:

A common workflow operation for the 7 cubic yard product would be:

1. A backhoe or loader will bring bedding sand from a staging area (sometimes across site) to fill the bedding box. 

2. An excavator will scoop the required amount of bedding sand out of the bedding box and lay it in the trench for the pipe to be installed. 

3.  The excavator will take the bedding box and the material inside and slide it along the trench to the next location the sand needs to be.

4. This operation is continuous and repeats the entire length of the trench.

How will this bedding box SAVE me TIME AND MONEY?

Great question! Since the operation described above is a moving operation, it means the material needs to move too. If you place the material next to the trench you will lose material, each time you move. 

The loader could place the material directly in the trench, IF it can access it, but the skid steer cannot set desired grade. Accurate grading saves material, and money. The skid steer also needs to make trips to where the material was delivered via dump truck. Round trips from the skid steer take time, and could be a bottleneck of a moving operation. 

How Else Can I Use This Bedding Box?

All of our bedding boxes are great for soil containment of any kind. Use it as a rock box, sand box, topsoil bin, gravel bin, or whatever else you may want to contain.

Anytime there is a tight space and material that needs to be imported or exported, a bedding box can help with that project!

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