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Bear Iron Works Standard Product Warranty

Bear Iron Works, LTD. offers a limited 6 month warranty on all products. This warranty is limited to manufacturing defects. Manufacturing defects are limited to: missing welds, cracked welds, broken hooks, missing hooks, incorrect product sizing, broken sheet metal, broken bolts, missing bolts, and broken tubing.


All products must be inspected by owner upon delivery. Warranty claims must be made within 6 months of delivery. 


Due to the nature of use of our products, we do not warranty the paint on our products. We do not warranty for bent rails on the Grizzly Rock Screens. We do not warranty for bent sheet metal on all products that have been used one or more times.


Warranty claims are to be submitted to warranty@bearironworks.net within 6 months of delivery. A description of the defect as well as photos must submitted in the claim. The date that the manufacturing defect was discovered must be submitted in the claim.


Warranty claims are to be fulfilled at the discretion of Bear Iron Works, LTD. The product in the warranty claim may be required to be returned to a Bear Iron Works, LTD. manufacturing facility for repairs. A Bear Iron Works, LTD. team member may be required to repair the product in question at the owner’s job site, warehouse, or any other property that the product in question is located. Bear Iron Works, LTD. may utilize a 3rd party contractor to repair the product in question. The product in question may need to be delivered to a 3rd party contractor’s facility to be repaired. It is the responsibility of the product owner to deliver the product in question to a repair facility as determined by Bear Iron Works, LTD.